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Piano Solo STUDIO GHIBLI "Super Easy" Sheet Music Collection Book/ 53 Songs

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STUDIO GHIBLI Scores > Piano - Easy (Beginner)
Scores by musical instrument > Piano - Easy (Simplified)
Sheet Music: 120 pages
Language: Japanese
Arrangement: Piano Solo
Publisher: Yamaha Music Media
Publised date: 23-Jul-13
Dimensions: 30.2 x 22.4 x 1 cm

Skill level: Beginner (Super Easy)

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joe hisaishi

Song List

[1] Nausicaa of the Valley of the
Wind ~Opening
[2] Friendship with Ohmu -
Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
[3] Nausicaa of the Valley of the
Wind (Symbol Theme Song)
[4] Carrying You
-LAPUTA: Castle in the Sky
[5] Sheeta’s Decision
- LAPUTA:Castle in the Sky
[6] My Neighbor Totoro
- My Neighbor Totoro
[7] Promenade (Sampo)
- My Neighbor Totoro
[8] Cat Bus
- My Neighbor Totoro
[9] Path of the Wind
- My Neighbor Totoro
[10] SETSUKO and SEITA (Main Title)
- Grave of the Firefly
[11] Home Sweet Home
- Grave of the Firefly
[12] Depart
- Kiki’s Delivery Service
[13] A Seaside Town
- Kiki’s Delivery Service
[14] Begining the Work
- Kiki’s Delivery Service
[15] On a Clear Day
- Kiki’s Delivery Service
[16] Only Yesterday
~Main Theme
- Only Yesterday
[18] Let’s Talk about old days,
sometimes Porco Rosso
[19] Flying boatmen
- Porco Rosso
[20] Days that are Gone
- Porco Rosso
[21] I want to be the Sea
- I can hear the Sea
[22] These Days TANUKIs (Raccoon
dogs ) (Epilogue) Pom Poko
[23] Tan Tan TANUKI
- Pom Poko
[24] Always Someone …
- Pom Poko
[25] TANUKI’s Life
- Pom Poko
[26] I’ve Decided! I will Write a Story!
- Whisper of the Heart
[27] Angel’s Zimmer (Angel’s Room)
- Whisper of the Heart
[28] Take me Home, Country Road
- Whisper of the Heart
[29] On Your Mark
(On Your Mark)
[30] Ashitaka and San
- Princess Mononoke
[31] Princess Mononoke
[32] Ashitaka Sekki (Myth)
- Princess Mononoke
[33] Que Sera Sera
- My Neighbors the Yamadas
[34] I’ve quit being alone
- My Neighbors the Yamadas
[35] Main Title that does not sound
like - My Neighbors the Yamadas
[36] Day of the River - Spirited Away
[37] Again Spirited Away
[38] Always Dream the Same Dream
- Spirited Away
[39] Becoming a Wind
- Cat Returns
[40]Haru, Are you Awake?
- Cat Returns
[41] Merry-Go-Round of Life
- Howl’s Moving Castle
[42] Family
- Howl’s Moving Castle
[43]To the Lake of the Stars
- Howl’s Moving Castle
[44] Promise of the World
- Howl’s Moving Castle
[45] Terhu’s Song
- Tales from Earthsea
[46] Song of the Time
- Tales from Earthsea
[47] Mom from the Sea
- Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea
[48] Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea
[49] Arrietty‘s Song
- the Secret World of Arrietty
[50] Summer of Good-Bye
~From Up on Poppy Hill
[51] SUKIYAKI Song
- From Up on Poppy Hill
[52] Hikouki gumo
- The WindRises
[53] Memories of Life
- The Tales of Princess KAGUYA

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